Thursday, September 24, 2015

Just another awesome week Sept 20, 2015

Okay so this week was awesome like always! Always having awesome experiences here with my difficulties and all! But this week we had a tsunami alert and that was awesome but yeah like really it kind of scared me a little bit but I knew that all was okay! But yeah thank you so much for all the prayers like really! Prayers always make miracles. 

So I have a story for you guys today! So this week we were sitting in the house of a converso,, and it was going well we stared sharing a video and the little boy of the member that was there with us stared telling me a story and I decided to listen because he was talking right? Okay so he was telling me this story and its super simple but it helped me so much. 
So he said so Hermana before I was just so scared of needles and the doctors taking my blood but one day we went to the doctor and he took my blood and I wasn't so scared anymore.

I know that this story is so simple but it helped me because I know that God will put us where we need to and I know that we can do whatever he needs wherever he puts us! I know this you know why?? Well because when we actually are where we were scared to go this is when we can be there he will help us and I know that's true that the scariest part is getting there, but when we are in the moment that is when we have the help of him. That we realize that it isn't as scary as we think that it is! I know that this is true! I know this Gospel is true and with God I know anything is possible! I love you guys so much and hope that all is well! And that you guys know I love you guys and hope that you guys have awesome week!
 I love you so much and hope that all is well and that you are having a awesome week I love you so much thank you for all that you do you are so amazing I love you tons!
have a awesome week! 
you guys are so amazing
with lots of love
Hermana Birlyn Willden

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