Tuesday, September 15, 2015

the maricle of teaching Sept 15, 2015

Como estaiiiiiiiiiipo? I am going to be chilenopo. I get my visa finally . . . this week so I will speak Spanish like a chileno. .. but maybe its funnier for me than you guys because yeah . . anyways this week was awesome we didn't have anything too crazy happen but we did learn that if we do the will of God that he will always help us i know that this is true! that i still have a difficulty speaking but not because the Spanish because he gave me that gift to learn and to speak but the part you guys know is difficult for me is speaking and doing things that i am not super comfortable to do but i learned something this week . . we were teaching a lesson and the words that were given to me were those that help me myself and I felt the spirit so strongly so i will share with you what happened entonces!

Okay so we were teaching a less active member and we were teaching and my companion shared the scripture and all and it was about enduring to the end because usually is one of the problems when they aren't active and all so we ´shared the scripture and all and my comp was explaining it and all and I said Hermana what can you do to endure to the end. And she replied saying go to church obey the commandments and everything like primary answers, and then my companion started saying like yeah exactly. You need to do those things and then I said and the most important part is the action to do actually because we know we know what we need to do, but the hardest part is to do and I know that if we do we really will be blessed so much! I know that this is true with all my heart. That if we act on what we know that is when we will receive the blessings ! I know that this is true and I know that you can do all things if you put your faith in the Lordªª 

This week was not the best but I know that God is showing miracles and if we obey him all will be good!! 
love you guys so much and hope that all is well and that you all have a amazing week. You guys are the best and I hope that you never forget it love you tonsª 
hermana Birlyn WIllden

This week was awesome we went to mejillones last week and it was pretty awesome to see all there!! And yeah nothing to out of the norm happened so I hope that you guys have a awesome week and remember I love you all you and hoppe yall have the best week!!!! 
con muchesemo amor 
hermana Birlyn Willden

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