Monday, September 7, 2015

Just another week in Paradise living the missionary dream !:) Sept 7, 2015

Okay family how are you guys doing well! I love you guys so much and hope that all is going well! umm so this week was wonderful fun of adverntures and all but I learned a lot like really a lot!!
This week Katty and Rene got baptised and it was really just a lot of miracles with them. I learned that we really do need to have patience with the people ,and they will progress. And I know that this is true like really! Its so amazing and I know that God is working through us here. I don't have a ton of time to write, but I just want you all know know that Gods love for us is big and He will always do anything for us. We just have to work with it, and He will ALWAYS answer our prayers like always!!! I know that this is true and this is His work and I am doing it. I know I am not perfect, but God works through Imperfect people to perfect them in ways they could NEVER do alone, and I know that this is true. I hope you guys have a awesome week and know that I love you guys so much!!

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