Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Pictures June 8, 2015

  Here are some more selfies for you guys! This is our room that we sleep in! Its pretty big! 
And here is me and here is a picture of our sector or area! Its pretty huge if you were wondering!!!!!

 here is me and my companion here in Antofagasta she is pretty awesome she lets me take selfies with her so thats awesome right?? This is us just before we went to bed! 
 Here is me reading the Book of Mormon in the sand in Iquique! its pretty awesome there I miss it! but I can read the same book here in Antofagasta! haha
 Okay so this is Me and Hermana Andes she is from Lehi Utah and we went to High School together and as well we worked at JCWS together .It was pretty awesome to see her for just a second on Monday she is awesome! I love her!
Here is me just sitting waiting for my companion to finish writing all of her million of friends that she has(; haha yeah but thats that!

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