Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Just my first week in Antofagasta! June 9, 2015

Okay so this week was awesome I was transfered to antofagasta the burrio las rocas and I think that it is the biggest ward in the mission we have 3 sets of missionaries serving in the ward and its super huge and my companion doesn't know all the people here and she has only been here for 3 months so yeah that's the super crazy part about the ward! it really is huge but I know I will get to know the people here and my love for these people will grow so much I love it here! its' so awesome to serve in the work of the Lord!

Okay so this week on Monday I went to Antofagasta and I left a lot of people that I love but I know that through God that I will see them again someday! This week we walked a lot this sector is really big I will send you a picture but it is all the way to the end of Antofagasta well kinda yeah well I cant really explain it in words i'll just tell you that it is super duper big! 

Okay so I was reading in the book of Mormon in Alma 43 I think that's the chapter but I learned something awesome about our agency that it is a bigger gift than we may think that if Adam never took of the forbidden fruit we would be stuck we wouldn't ever be able to grow and learn. So I learned we just need to accept that things being hard isn't a good thing its a gift a really big gift because if we didn't have that life would be too easy and we would be stuck not being able to have eternal life ever, and that is the purpose of this life. That God gave us that we can have eternal life that is why right now what we may be suffering. Just think and say thank you for this trial thank you I know it may seem a lot easier said than done but honestly if I could share one thing I learned this week it would be that we can really take that into heart and act upon it be happy with the hard times and grow from them! 

thank you for being such an amazing familia and all that you guys do for me always you guys really are so amazing and such amazing examples to me like really you couldn't even imagine how big of examples you are for me i love you guys soooo much 

my companion her name is Hermana Caballero (ka- by- er-o) and she is super amazing i love her so much and know that God put me with her here for a reason she has the same time in the mission as i do well she has 1 week more because yeah i guess she is cool! well 
that is that I hope that you always remember that God loves you guys so much and he always hears and answers our prayers! he knows us and he cries with us when we do and he is super happy when we are!

I hope you guys have an awesome week and remember always that I love you and so does our Heavenly Father!
te amo muchesemo 
hermana Birlyn Willden

te amo!  

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