Wednesday, June 10, 2015

  Me and lLoreto and Maria Egnasia she is just so cute! She reminds me of Londyn when she was little and she is also the only baby here with blue eyes so pretty!
  Me and jimmy Jennifer and Amy(: 

Then the other two are of our baptism when Fernanda was baptized it was pretty amazing the spirit was super strong! 
  here is just me on the beach trying to do a hand stand and yeah . . well it didn't work out very well
 this is our district and because the Hermanas always sit on chairs we tried to change it up a little bit and it worked it just was kinda weird but yeah this is my old district! and then here is me and my comp i bought this shirt and its pretty awesome it says IQUIQUE on it and so yeah I love it so there is that! and i really do love it so much! Im sure you guys will love it as well!(:  We went to eat out at a restaurant under our apartment and it was super good!!!!!!!!!!!!!(: like really!

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