Wednesday, May 20, 2015

May 18, 2015 pictures

 Maria Louisa! This one was so amazing I was so worried about how it would go but it went pretty well and I know that through God and through our hard work that all things are possible we just have to put our faith in the Lord and everything will work out I know this with all of my heart! don't ever forget that okay??(:
 And this one I am just standing in for Hermana Cuava because her and my comp taught her but it was so amazing to see her get baptized the spirit was there so strong and I know for sure that she is free from her sins. I saw it! It was amazing to see this one I almost cried! (: the spirit was just there so strong! I love the spirit its pretty awesome!(:
 Okay well here is what we ate and it was just way too much sugar! but it was good I didn't finish it but it was good! and then the other is the cruise ship that is here in chile I don't know why and i don't understand but maybe there is a cruise line here I guess so there is that i hope that you guys have an awesome week and that you guys know that I love you and I hope that everything goes awesomely I love you guys so much please never forget that okay? have the best week
with lots of love 
con mucho amor
hermana Birlyn Willden

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