Wednesday, May 20, 2015

May 18, 2015

A THOUSAND little awesome THINGS
Okay so this week was pretty awesome remember the one investigator of ours who knocked on our door? Well she got baptised on Saturday, and it was pretty awesome the spirit was there pretty strong, and I felt like she actually felt the spirit the hardest part is that she is starting to forget things she is 80 years old but she has the sense of humor of a 14 year old! She is so funny she said that she is going to come to Utah after I finish my mission so that would be pretty amazing! I know that through God all things are possible and that if you put your all in God will help you!

This week we had a class on faith and it was so good I loved it so much it helped me with my faith so much and how I need to start having more I think also he said faith with out works is dead and honestly its so true! So crazy but it is so very true and honestly I know that if i do all I can for what I believe I will be blessed I just need to do it! just do it! 

he asked us a question he asked why do we have faith? and that question really hit me like why do we have faith and its to hope but its not only just to hope it is believing that the future holds something for us but the only was we can apply it is if we use our accion and that is the only way that it can go all the way through is if we act. like the scriptures say faith without works is dead! so we need to act on what we believe it just doesn't work! 

we can know everything about the gospel all about God but if we never act upon it we will never have the chance to apply our faith because literally it is dead if you dont act upon it so do it i promise that you will be so blessed! 

this week really was amazing and I learned so much about faith and how we can apply it! I know that with God on our side we can do anything! Thank you so much for all of your testimonies and all of your prayers and everything you guys are so amazing! I love you guys!

thank you
con mucho amor
hermana Birlyn Willden  

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