Friday, May 15, 2015

Pictures May 4, 2015

 Okay get ready because I have a lot of pictures this week! haha well we went to the esmeralda and found out que museums aren't open on Monday so thats lame but we took pictures and well as I promised a awesome picture of my new shoes they are pretty amazing I love them and i hope you guys don't think that I am crazy but my comp sure does but they are pretty awesome! 

 This is my #blowfishface and my compenera thinks I am crazy and whatever so yeah . .but look how beautiful the view is! and here is another cheesy picture we are girls you know! haha but yeah! we had fun this morning hiking so it went awesomely! I hope you guys enjoy the pictures as much as I do because they are pretty awesome I think! (: 
 And here is me trying to be cool and walk in the sand! haha it worked really well I think well kinda I almost fell . . but its okay because I didn't! and another selfie I did I drew in the sand!(: of the hill! 

i hope that you enjoy this view! I love you guys!

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