Monday, March 23, 2015

March 2,2015
Okay so this week was amazing like really amazing we found a GOLDEN investigator like so crazy! We contacted her in the street and learned it doesn't matter who it is we will never find the people that are ready if we don't talk to everyone! God knows who is ready but we don't so we just need to share with everyone whether they are catholic or not! I think everyone here is because they all say when we start to speak ohh I am catholic. . .and then we say we still would like to share our message! But anyways this woman was very good and she invited us to come!  We went and her husband was there and he said ohh I am a member . . and woah! ahh and the lesson went so perfectly and she felt the spirit so strong! I know that through God all things are possible and that if we pray for miracles we will receive them i know that God loves us so much and that through him all things are possible! i know that God loves me so much and will give everything if i give him all!!

just a few things i forgot to share with you about when i first got here to the mission
1. the people here speak really fast.
2. my first Sunday in sacramement meeting a man was speaking and then all the sudden he just started to sing and it was really interesting I turned to my companion and said do people usually do this here and she said no this is the first time ive heard this! so crazy!
3. everyone here always says HELLO HOW ARE YOU? and WHERE YOU FROM 
but they say it with a chilien accent so its funny! hahah
4. ummm there is a gym and a place to wash and dry our clothes in our apartment thats unheard of here!!! 

i think that is all but i just want to bear testimony that if we PRAy SINCER´LY we will receive answers that through God all things are possible we just need to put our faith in him! 2nephi 9:6 says that he has made a way for you to do that which he has commanded you so all the excuses you have are not important i mean they are but the more important thing is to do his will and i know he will give you the time to do all the things that you need to if you obey him!!

i think God knows something that we don't! that he knows things beyond our ability to understand that our heavenly father has much more experience than we and he once was where we are now! his experience wisdom and intelligence are infinitely greater than ours! not only that but he has more compassion and more love and has one clear focus for us to bring to pass mortality and eternal life of man! I KNOW without a doubt he WANTS what is best for us this is why he gives us commandments not because of anything else he wants us to live with him again i know through God all things are possible we just need to put our faith in him! 

i know through him all is possible i love you guys so much and hope that you have an amazing week you guys are really amazing i love you so much keep up the good work you guys are so amazing i love you and hope that you have a awesome week!
te amo! 
hermana Birlyn WILLDEN 

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