Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Feb, 2015

 Here is just a street we walk everyday and just want to show you kind of where I am looks like I have a better view from the stairs in our apartment as well thank you for your spirit that you send me you really are so amazing I love you guys so much!! Really keep up the amazing work and always walk with the spirit!! love you guys!
 We have a laundry room in our apartment!!!!!so crazy never in the mission I believe we have the nicest apartment in the whole mission . . ITS SO AWESOME!!! hahah I love you guys!!!
 I don't know if I ever sent this but haha I'm in my mission crazy huh?? for 2 months now so crazy!!
 I think I'm getting fat . .. but thats okayIi guess . hahah well here is me with a lot of food believe it or not but I finished it all in one sitting I was not hungry the rest of the day . . haha so thats awesome!!! haha I hope you enjoy the view its beautiful huh?? 
 The view on valentines day I just admire! ahhh so beautiful I just wanted to share the view!! I love the view still probably always will!!! 
 Thanks for all you do you guys are really so amazing thanks for inspiring all the time you truly help me a lot thank you!!! You guys are really so amazing thank you!!! I love you! Like really I do!!

umm I got letters this week first letters of my mission!! 
So awesome !!! Thank you to all that sent there love my way they really made my day so much better!!! I love you guys thank you!!

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