Monday, March 23, 2015

March 16, 2015
Okay this week I have a new companion she is blonde as well and is also from Logan Utah! So that is pretty awesome! Rubio is the word for blonde and we here it a lot here she decided to let me paint her hair so that will be awesome hahah
Anyways this week was crazy needing to plan for myself , and all to learn to just do everything solo of course with her help but she didn't know where anything was so I kinda had to do everything so that was the hardest part! But I know it will all work out for the best!

Our investigators are progressing and we are finding new people to teach. The hard part is finding them in there homes! That is the most difficult part I think! We have the people that want to hear us just need the time to find them so that we may teach them! 

This week as a whole went very good the days were long but the week itself went fast! I know when I feel alone that God is here and that Jesus Christ felt how we do how we did I know that if we do all that we can do he will do the rest!

The change was hard like really hard with a new companion and it shouldn't be but I know that through God all things are possible, we just need to keep pushing forward and always smile and keep pushing and praying with faith sincerely and he will answer us I know this with all of my heart! things are hard but I know that through God all things are possible we just need to push through those hard times and he will help us!

My companion now is really good her name is hermana leonhardt and no one can say it.  I can't even say it before people had a hard time with my name but now with her name so thats awesome! 

I know that we can do all things we just need to pray with sinceridad! It may seem hard to believe that someone is listening but remember that he is listening and will always be listening and always has you just need to remember that! I know that God always puts us in peoples lives that we need to help or tambien that need to help us we just got to embrace that part!

I love you guys so much you guys are so amazing I love you guys so much I hope all is going well and such!

keep smiling,
pushing forward,
thinking positively,
loving all
and I know you will be blessed!
te amo 
su hija hermana amiga, 
hermana Birlyn Willden 

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