Saturday, January 16, 2016

Jan 11, 2016

Yeah so I finally figured out my voice recorder so I hope that you guys can here it something weird happened so I had to reset it so that I could continue to send them so I lost the last recordings I had done but thats okay because I can always make new ones right??(: so anyways enough about my voice recordings and on to my week(: jeje it was AWESOMElike for reals though that's why I had to put it in big letters because that's how awesome it was. I saw so many miracles here that I cant explain it to you in a email but I can tell you one thing I'm getting tanner. .you know how i know ??? because everyone here is telling me wow when you go home people are gonna think wow shes a Chilean . .yeah but anyways apart from that we saw miracles here received blessings but like a really big blessing!  so from the beginning the Hermana lideres have been teaching this girl and she is pretty awesome and everything but they didn't know she lived in our ward so yeah now we get to teach her so that's pretty awesome and she will be getting baptised on the 30th of this month so yeah that should be awesome. I am so excited she is pretty awesome and I am excited for her! I know it really will be the best decision that she will make in her life. I know that God is and has been preparing her for this time!!(: so yeah that was awesome!!(:

Also we have been doing well I love it here in Maray in Copiapó its so awesome and I know that really I can see the miracles here and that when we are truly obedient that we WWILLLL receive blessings and that is so awesome to be able to witness them here and to really see the power and authority that we have here as missionary's. its so amazing I cant believe it I mean I do but sometimes its just outstanding to feel the spirit so strong in moments that I really do know that this is the church of Jesus Christ, and I know he lives and loves me so much. I know this will all my heart and that through Him we can return to live with God. It is so awesome and amazing to see this see how people can change and turn to God. I've seen it in so many peoples lives here and I am so grateful for this time that God has given me to testify of him and to invite the people here to come unto Him. Its pretty amazing and I love it so much! And its so amazing to have a testimony of these things!! I know that God lives and that happieness is the best choice to choose if you choose to do these things for yourself that the truth is that God will bless you and if you are happy it will just be better! I know that this is true that God lives and loves us so much! 

I hope that you guys have a awesome week and that all goes well for you all!!(: I love you guys have a awesome week!(: with lots of love 

hermana Birlyn Willden 

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