Saturday, January 16, 2016

¡FELIZ NAVIDAD! and Happy New Years!(:

HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So yeah this week was pretty awesome ! We had Christmas and everything, and it was pretty awesome to see you guys for Christmas that just made my week(: On Christmas day we were afraid just not to have any success and we went to a futures house and they were there in there house and told us just to come in! So yeah that was awesome they said that we can keep coming! And instead of being a long morning it was actually pretty awesome we got to teach the Restoration and it went super well! I was happy that they let us in and all! 

Also on Christmas eve we had a dinner with Hna Cristina and her family and they decorate there house all cute and they let us in it was pretty awesome to see them! And also help them prepare for there baptism that was this Saturday! It went super well there baptism I'll send you guys pictures!(: it was awesome to see them and here how they felt after and everything! it was so cool to hear about them receiving the holy ghost and how they felt it! so cool to see and hear that they felt it! i know that it exists and that through God all is possible and I know this for sure that really anything is possible with him on our side that he is waiting for us to come unto him and accept him in our lives and I know that this is true! That when we accept what the Savior did for us that is us showing God we want to follow Him! AND ITS SO AMAZING TO SEE PEOPLE ACCEPT AND MAKE COVENANTS WITH OUR Heavenly Father! and just to be  a small part of it is so amazing! I love it being here and being a little part of this and its pretty amazing to see people here that accept Jesus Christ in there lives so amazing! I love it! 

It was also so amazing this Christmas! because we got to share with people the story and more people were in the spirit of Christmas being here was so amazing because you just see peoples hearts change and they have a break to the crazy shopping and all to listen to us is pretty awesome! I love that about this time of year! 

We also had a experience kinda cool so we were going to a bunch of houses we go to and more then less people don't open the door but we went and the last door we went to lives Hna Paulina and we knocked on the door and her daughter opened up and she was like yeah my moms here but she's a little busy. . but then her mom told her to let us in and she had been crying . . so she said you guys just came at the right moment and it was pretty cool because we could share a scripture with her and tell her she wasn't alone and that if she came to church it would help and you wouldn't guess that the next day they came with us to church and it was awesome that they came and they could make friends with people here! And it was awesome I know that God lives and his hand is in our work that if we have the spirit we will be sent to people in those moments that are the most important! and I know that this is true that this is his work! that I can help people here I am so happy for this time He has allowed me to be a little part of his work! I love it here so much thank you so much for all of your support and all you guys do for me! 

Thank you for everything like really I am so grateful for all you guys do! and I hope you have a awesome new years! Thanks for all you do and keep up the good work keep smiling and being awesome and make some new years goals and then keep em!!(: 

 I love you guys and hope all is going well! you guys are awesome and hope you have a good week!(: love you tons! 
con mucho amor 

Hermana Birlyn WIllden 

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