Saturday, January 16, 2016

2016. . .(: Jan 4, 2016

Ohh yeah so happy late New Year guys!!

This week was pretty awesome first of my companion is from Santiago Chile and yeas that does mean she is here from Chile awesome right! So She is teaching me to talk like a Chilean! that's awesome right??(: I love it! }

second we are finding people new people to teach and that's awesome i feel like its awesome! because its always good to find new people to teach right??(: 

Third of all this week we had NEW YEARS EVE!!! ha ha so awesome i loved it Hermana Cintia gave us dinner and everything Ill have to send you the picture!!(: and it was really good I loved it! (: I know that really this week was kinda hard because it was like a break week and school just got out for summer and everything here but this next week will be awesome I just know it!!(: so yeah 

Anyways this week was awesome we got to know a few members better I had to say goodbye to Hermana Clawson but all is good she is still like super close!(: so that's awesome but I know that God knows what we can do and that he is here for me really I know this with all of my heart and that he knows our hearts and knows what our capabilities! and I know that God sent me here with out a doubt in my heart the he inspired my calling to be here with Hermana San Martin! and I know that i am learning a lot from her and that she as well can learn from me!!(: I know this with out a doubt! That God lives and he loves us so much! 

Its so amazing to be here and to be capable to love the people here so much I know that it is really amazing I am so happy for this time i have been here and will be here on the mission I realized something crazy that I have been in the mission all the year of 2015! and that's so awesome because I really do know that this year and a half of my life is something i will never forget!!(: i love being here in the mission and i know that God lives i can testify that and its so amazing i love it so much to be here and to be able to share my testimony and to help also this grow by others here that i wouldn't have ever met if i didn't choose to come here!!(: I know that this church is the church of God and that really anything is possible with him on our side!!(: i love it!!! I'm living it!! 

thank you for all you guys do for me and your examples to me always! you guys are so amazing thank you I hope that you guys had the happiest new year ever!(: and this year of 2016 is awesome!!!(: I love you guys like tons for real!!(: I hope you have a awesome week and remember that I love you guys tons!!(: keep smiling!!(: 

with lots of love 
Hermana Birlyn Willden

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