Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Jan 5, 2015

 My face when people talk to me in Espanol . . .hahah but really and this is me p day cleaning clothing!!!

WE MADE COOKIES FOR NEW YEARS!!! They were great I enjoyed them very much!!! From scratch but here no brown sugar it translates to blonde sugar! haha thanks for teaching me to cook mom!!
 New year from the beach it was very beautiful we didn't stay up to late, but it was loud. Lots of fire works mostly just ocean noises!!! but yeah!! It was awesome!
 oopps I spilled chocolate milk its okay though we cleaned it!! I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH STAY AMAZING!!! YOU GUYS MAKE THIS WORTH it!  I'm not perfect but Isure love this time here!!!
so yeah I love you!! enjoy!!

So and here is our new year photo I hope you in enjoy because its awesome with our families!!! We love you guys!!! Wanted to share it with you!

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