Sunday, January 18, 2015

 Jan 11, 2015
THIS week was a week! we visited a lot of members and it was pretty amazing! umm we have a few investigators they just don't want to commit to anything so it is hard! we walked a lot this week but its okay because that is the only thing that can make us stronger! If we work hard we can become so much stronger!!!! I know that the spirit will always guide us in our lives and that we need to do what He needs us to do if we don't give him our whole self  he can't give us himself so we just need to work and work and do all the things He asks of us because it is very important for us to succeed in this life and to always put our trust in Him because honestly He trusts us! We need to trust him with all of us with our heart, mind, body, and soul everything you have to give to Him!!! I love you guys so much you are so amazing examples to me!!! YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS!!! I repeat you can do them! He is on your side! You just need to put your faith in Him!!!!  I love you guys and Chile is not at all Chile but its okay its very hot but I love it ts so amazing!! Thank you for all the prayers I can see them in my life so strongly! I know that this is GODS PLAN FOR ME! And He loves us so much! I really hope that you guys are having such a great week!!

everyone here kisses each other on the cheek and all the guys try to kiss me on the cheek and I never know what to do like umm no you can't kiss me or ahhhh sorry . .I never know because just me not my compenera haha I don't know its summer here and so beautiful I love you so much and hope that you know that I love you!!!! 

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