Saturday, January 31, 2015

Jan 26, 2015
This week was good I learned a lot of things! The sun is Hot and we are in a desert. The days are long but there is always something that makes me feel like its okay that I'm here. Its okay because through God all things are possible that he is on my side and I will be okay! I read a talk this morning and it says if we give ourselves to God, He can make us a masterpiece,  but if we don't we can only make a smudge! I know this to be true with all my soul, that if we give it our all He will always put in the rest that through him we can be perfected I said it in my voice recording the whole thing its very good! I know with a surety that God knows me and what I can and can't do. That through him I can be made strong!!!! This is hard, and it is true but I know at the end of the night if I lay in bed exhausted that the day was a good successful one. If I go to bed exhausted because I know that this is the only way I can be awesome! Everyone keeps talking about the earthquake here. I feel little ones a lot but there was a big one 6 months ago and now everyone keeps talking about it! Its so crazy!!! But I know that through God I can do all things and that if I open  my mouth to speak the words will come! I know this is hard but that it will definitely be worth it because through Him I may be made perfect!ª I know Jesu Cristo made it possible for us through the atonement and that He has felt all things, that He knows all that he knows as little thing as when you cut your finger he fells it and I know that we can become like God if we repent daily if we keep our way to him. Yes things will be hard always, But I know that through him through his wisdom we can know all things! Yes this week we walked a lot de nuevo but its okay because we talked to people in the streets we contacted people we wouldn't of if we were in the home I know that God is gracious and that if we do His will all things will come to pass!!! Read the scriptures daily they are amazing! Pray always because He is waiting to listen to you! I know you guys are so amazing and that you can do all things! I love you guys so much! Keep up the good work!!! I love you always remember God is gracious!!!!

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