Tuesday, January 6, 2015

JAN 5, 2015
Guys can you even believe how fast the year went by so fast its so crazy!!! Anyways this week has been pretty great. Some of the members brought over dinner for us and it was so nice of them and we set up a table and stuff ahh so awesome it was so awesome I enjoyed it a lot!! I learned so much about having patience this week . I thought I had this but I guess not. I need to be a lot more patient con myself because hrn viega said a baby doesn't know how to speak  3 weeks into life. I said okay I guess that's true and has really helped me! I know that God would never tell me to do something I can't do. I know this is hard and that there is a lot of patience needed, but I know that it will all be okay and that I just need to get through these times because all that is important is that I am doing as God asks of me. If its his will to walk around a lot than that is as I should do it. It doesn't matter what and how hard it is, I know that it is Gods will and God needs me to put my whole self into this that I need this and he needs me. He needs me to learn espanol . He needs me to teach the people here. I know it with my whole soul!!! He loves me just like he loves you he needs you! Thank you for so much support. Everything here is so amazing, the people are so inviting and they are so very nice . I enjoy them a lot they are so amazing! And they Love me even though they don't understand me. This little girl like 7 years old at church always runs up to me and gives me the biggest hug! They all look at my hair like its not real but that's okay I know God loves me so much and that he is always here for me. If i give him all of me He will give me Him! So I need to keep strong!! I love it out here again thank you for all of the support you guys are so amazing. I love you so much thank you very much!!! I love you!! Your awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like really though the awesomest!!!! I love you!!!!! Enjoy my recording!!! 

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