Thursday, November 12, 2015

Just my mission in the mission Oct. 26, 2015

Okay so this week was AWESOME! so on Monday we learned how to make some desert here that was just really sweet but it was good I enjoyed it!(: so yeah that happened and we spent the day with the hermanas and it was cool and all!(: and then Tuesday we had INTERCAMBIOS and so i went to the house of the hermana lideres . . (: and so it was cool! and all and hna ROBINSON was all like how do you feel! your gonna turn old tomorrow and everything so it was cool!(: so much fun and we stayed up talking until midnight. . yeah i talk a lot so yeah and i was like hey guess what now its my birthday and she got out of her bed and she threw pillows at me and jumped on my bed and sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY! it was so funny she is just a little crazy! but it was super funny i will never forget that! like ever jaja!(: okay and then we went out to work in the morning and all and it went well! (: and yeah it was cool! so then when we got back we were waiting for the hnas so we could switch comps and everything and then they came like a half hour later and they had bought PIZZA for me for my birthday it was pretty cool and nice of them!(: so yeah that was cool so yeah we did eat pizza it was super fun! and then we walked back to our apartment and my companion decorated my desk and everything for me for my birthday and everything it was pretty cool and awesome and everything!(: so cute! ill send you pictures don't worry! and then we went and taught some lessions and then we went to a members house and she gave us once (its like tea here but not tea like little sandwiches and stuff and echo! and yeah) and then we left and then we went to Priscilla who told us that she was going to make me a cake which she did!it was super delicious! and awesome and everything! i know that through God all things are possible but if we JUST BELIEVE! so yeah this week was awesome and i learned alot and i had a awesome birthday! it was different than any i had had before but yeah it was awesome and i know that with God that all things are possible we just have to believe it! thank you for all that you guys always do for me and your spirit with me and all of your prayers you guys are the best family ever and i love you guys so much and hope you all know that! thank you for everything and just remember that i know God lives and he loves us so much and we have a grand privilege to know the things we do! i love you guys and hope you all have a awesome week!
with lots of love 
hermana Birlyn Willden

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