Monday, November 30, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Okay buena! 
This week was AWESOME like every week my companion finish 9 months so . . I made her a cake and she liked it I think and least she told me she did and i liked it so you know whatever all is good with that! (: also on Monday we went to the mine of the 33 where the 33 miners got stuck under the ground. yeah that was about a hour and a half from copiapó so yeah that was awesome to see and hear about the suspense that the people here were in and to see the capsule and everything was just AWESOME. ill send you guys pictures so when you see the movie you know that I went there and it was cool!(: but it was cool to see all they did for these 33 men who were stuck and how everyone out were doing everything that they could to help them come out! it was so awesome! I know that when we are stuck we have all of this family that is out there trying to help us get out but like they did they had to get in the machine ,so that it could take them up and out! we were given the way through Jesucristo and he helps us so that we can get out we have the way we just have to accept it like they did! It was so awesome to hear that story and see how the people were praying and doing everything they could to help them so yeah! awesome! (:

 And then in the night we had like a noche de hogar (family home evening) and it went well and we talked about the atonement and how it can help anyone with everything! And as well our district meeting we talked about how we have applied the atonement in our own areas and everything so that was awesome how I know that the atonement will help whoever in what ever situation to overcome anything because I learned it always and it is what they are always talking about how we just need to apply it. and sometimes it could sound so hard but I know that its true!

The truth is that it WORKS it doesn't matter where you have been but Jesus made the way now what we do with that is up to us but its here just waiting for us!(: and I know for a fact that that's true! that no matter how far we have gone down Jesus and his atonement work! (: I love that so much! this week as well we found a few more people to teach and its been so awesome to put the goals down and the more awesome thing is when we reach them or even get better than that! its just the truth if we put our goals and focus on them that we really can do ANYTHING and I know that this is the truth that anything is possible with God on our side! I know that this is true and that anything is possible when the Lord is on your side! I know that that's true! thank you for all you guys do and for your testimonies that have helped me get where I am today! Thank you for everything! you guys are awesome and I love you guys tons!
have a awesome week
with lots of love 
hermana Birlyn Willden

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