Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Just another week living the missionary dreamOct. 18, 2015

Okay bueno! so this week was awesome! (: well basically we found the people again and we continued to teach them and it was pretty awesome we also found people and we had a baptism! Vicente was baptised and it was cool he was so ready to be baptised it was super awesome to see I didn't see his conversion but it was cool to teach him a few times and to see him be baptised yeah it was cool! but i know that God is always with us and when we teach with the spirit that that's when the personal conversion comes in its so awesome! 

so I thought about something this week when me and my compi were offering a service and it clicked better to me with a companionship than anything that the only way to see thorough the window is if you clean up both sides that sometimes you are seeing the marks on there side but really they are your own side and you have to clean and maybe help them clean or better there side so that you can see your own imperfections but you know the better thing than windows is that we have help from our savior even some of the hardest things we can clean up because we have his help and I know that this is brue its super weird to think about it in window version but I know that its true that we have to focus on the savior and he will help us better both of us because if both of our goal is pointed the same way its better now what I am not saying is nothing bad about my companion she's awesome I am just using it a a reference don't worry to much! (: 

so that is something awesome that I learned this week is about making myself better with the help of the Lord I know that anything is possible and I really do know that and if we put our focus in the Lord I know that anything is possible!

As well yesterday we did something cool here in copiapó that I had never seen before in my mission but it happened here and was cool all the missionaries and a bunch of ward missionaries went to the rescue in one ward and it was cool because we looked for the inactive members and it was cool to see how many people just needed a little bit of help in a different area and it was cool! It was a really cool experience helped my testimony of being a missionary that really with God all things are possible! and I really know that God loves me so much and with him anything is possible! I love you guys so much and thank you guys for all that you guys do for me and all your prayers! I hope you all had a awesome fall break and are enjoying the October for me there take lots of pictures!(: its not so colorful here but its pretty as well it rained this morning and the canceled school  . .so yeah! But you know what I know that God knows me and that he loves me so much and I know that with him really anything is possible we just need to believe it and act! I hope you guys know that and that y'all have a awesome week 
with lots of love 
the one and only 
Hermana Birlyn Willden(:

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