Saturday, February 28, 2015

We ate at mcdonalds and its not the same as back home . . I like it better at home they really do put avacado on everything here its kinda insane!!!! haha! i hope you enjoy this because i sure do I love you guys!!

well its not cold here but . . this picture is fantasitic I love you guys and the graffittie everywhere is pretty awesome like enserio!!!

So we got a picture with a giraffe and its perfect because I said goodbye to winter and hello to summer!!! so yeah and  . . .there is a giraffe so perfect right!!! I had to take a picture it was kinda required!!!!! I love you guys!! 

so we decided eat on our own this month!! so here is our cart of food for this month !!! so amazing I'm excited to make food so Ill let you know how that goes!!! hahah anyways I love you guys!! your awesome!!!

its not a week without the view!!! so pretty i love you guys and hope that you have an amazing week the weather here is hot! but its all good because yeah! i love it here and the view is great!!!! i lovre you guys and hope your week is so wonderful you guys really are the best!!! te amo


stay awesome

pray always!!
 love hermana willden (birlyn)

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