Wednesday, July 29, 2015

June 22, 2015

Okay so I am not 100 percent positive but I think where I am is one of the driest deserts in the world . . but did you know that there was a little bit of rain here and now there are flowers growing wild flowers are growing that I tell you is a miracle. It shows that if there is a little hope that anything can become of it that if we just believe a little bit give something a try something beautiful can become of it! I love this so much because it is so simple but truly is beautiful! 

So anyways this week was super awesome and stuff we visited a lot of members this week and it was pretty awesome the spirit was will us and it was kinda cool! I know that with God that all things are possible I have seen it here and that's pretty awesome if you were wondering" 

I have been reading general conference talks still and it is pretty awesome because they are super inspiring every time I was reading the talk i don't remember who wrote it but I do remember what it was about it was about the little boy who was going to fall of the cliff and his litter brother waited for him and he compares this to the savior and how he helps us how sometimes we tell him that we can do it by ourselves but actually we cant we can't even do anything close to it by ourselves there is a scripture that I really like and it says in Adam all men die but in Christ they may be made alive! I love this scripture really a lot because honestly we can apply it in our own lives and it can help us so much because its super true that in Christ we may be made alive! I know that if we accept the atonement into our lives we can be to made alive its super amazing to think about it! 

This week was kind of hard like like we had super hard things to do or anything just that it was a harder one for me and I just became so much closer to Christ in prayer for him to help me not have the fear to speak and to share my testimony because I know that these things are true. I just sometimes feel lost but I know that through the atonement that I can truly have the ability to open my mouth and I know that the words that need to be said will be heard that I can actually help these people and that they can understand me sometimes. I don't feel like that they understand me because I am a gringo which is true but honestly  I know that if I put my faith in him I can do ALL things not just some things that I can do anything!
This week I had to write a talk on the sanctification personal and it was super hard because there were so many ways to go about it but I know that there have been so many moments in my life that have been hard but I know that through God all things are possible we just need to believe it that we NEED TO LIVE EVERY MOMENT IN OUR LIFE LIKE ITS THE LAST ONE because you don't want to have any memories that you regret so always repent always do everything that you can do always have the spirit with you always pray and tell those around you that you love them because if something crazy happened you wouldn't want to think I wish I had just said this or done that! I know if we do all we can in ever moment that we will be blessed! I love you guys so much and I hope that you never forget that that you know that. I love you guys thank you so much for all you guys do for me and your amazing examples to me I truly love you guys and want you to know that through God anything is possible! 

Please never forget that! 
and have the BEST WEEK EVER!
con mucho amor 
hermana Birlyn Willden

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