Wednesday, July 29, 2015

June 15, 2015 Pictures

Okay so here is just a picture of a bunch of things of me just some more selfies remember how I like taking those. haha umm a picture of a lizard here because there may be a beach but I am pretty sure this is like the driest desert in the world so thats pretty awesome! hahah(: also me and my companion in front of the other part of our sector we don't go to often but will a lot now! umm and I think that is all of these ones(:: 

I made a milkshake and so that is awesome

Here is just me sitting herein Antofagasta on some rocks in the ocean its pretty cool! Kinda cold outside but its still super beautiful! 
and then there is me just standing on a rock so cool right? hahah it was scary but its okay I am all okay don't worry! (; haha it was safe I promise! also was super beautiful! I love it here its so beautiful! 

and here is us standing here and there are the beautiful houses of Chile behind us!

well here is me in front of the ocean again if you didn't know most of Chile has the ocean? haha well at least here in Antofagasta looking out at the beautiful ocean!

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