Tuesday, February 2, 2016

January 25, 2016:)

Hey guys so this was the week of interviews!! And it went super well I enjoyed them and all we had interviews with president and everything and they went well we also had a conference with some of the 12 apostles and it was kinda really awesome. I learned a lot about being a missionary we had to go over some part of the first 12 weeks well background information for those who don't understand the first 12 weeks you start the mission your trainer has to go through a book called my first 12 weeks. I think its called but its awesome because we went over the basics for this conference they told us to study it about 3 weeks before so we were reading it and it went super well! We remembered things that after time you just begin to forget and its good every once in a while to go over them!! but yeah I loved it and learned a lot. Elder David a Bednar talked about working with the spirit and the function of the spirit in conversion and it was awesome to apply this to our lives that the spirit will work but the key is we got to open up our heart to let the spirit work well the people that we teach do and its so awesome I feel like sometimes its hard because some people are just so closed off that nothing will change their point of view but its awesome to see that we can help!!(: And I know that through God all is possible we can apply this to ourselves because sometimes we pray asking for help but don't accept the answer that he gives us and what we should do is open up our heart and take his advice because the truth is he knows what we should do if we don't take his advise then things wont work out and we will eventually end up taking the descession he gave us in the first place that we were just a little too stubborn to accept! This has happened to be before! And I know that if we just listen to the first answer from the spirit that we receive that we let him give us answers the ones that sometimes we may not want to accept but I know that if we do that God will help us!!(: 

So awesome that message!! I know the work we do as missionaries is so amazing I am so grateful for this time I have been given to be here and to share the word of God with those people here in chile!! I know that God loves all of his children and that there are people waiting for every missionary who is sent out that there testimony will help its pretty awesome I love it here and can tell because we had a cool experience with my companion we were walking in the street and she found her like elementary school teacher it was pretty awesome that she found her and we went and talked to her it was super cool ñ!! To see that God works in ways that we may not understand but they work and I know this gospel works thank you for all that you guys do and I hope you know I'm doing well here loving the mission!!(: I hope you guys have a awesome week!!(: 

with lots of love!!
hermana Birlyn Willden(: 

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