Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Nov. 11, 2014
ahh I love you so much this week has probably been the longest week of my entire week like really though it really has. . but it has been so amazing I tried to record and I'll send it to you but I think it was too quite in it so you can just listen to my companion and the end so its pretty great I guess and I took some pictures for you guys as well and a picture is worth a thousand words right?? well it is so yeah anyways this week has really been long but I honestly am so very grateful for the gospel in our lives it is so amazing and the spirit is so very strong here in the ccm like it is always we watched the restoration video on Sunday about Joseph Smith and it was crazy because all of those amazing missionaries in this one place the spirit is so strong you go outside the gates and there is loud music and crazy parties probably all the time but inside here you can ALWAYS feel the spirit it is like so very amazing like I love it so very much I can't explain that to you! like this life here everything is going on! the food here is interesting i like the spicy food its pretty delicious except for when they give it to us for breakfast then that's kinda gross and makes me feel kinda sick but Sunday was quite amazing like I loved it so much the experience with my district was amazing we all bore our testimonies about the restoration and honestly the spirit was so strong. Umm then we had our first investigator on Friday which was two days after we got here and she didn't even speak any English it was so hard and we didn't really feel like we got the message across but like really this is so amazing here I really do love it!! So today is our first break I am pretty sure that its all been go go go sense we got here?? anyways life is so awesome! like i really love it! umm so the spirits is amazing and I love my comp and its kinda hard to type on these key boards sense its in espoñol haha yeah well tell everyone I love you and next week I will definitely try to record louder because i think i was kinda covering the mic when i recorded but at least you may listen to my comp right? Well life is so amazing and I know that this gospel is so true life here is so amazing like the spirit here is very strong the language is hard but it is so amazing I hope you all know that God (Dios) loves you so much and he knows what you are going through I love you! thanks to mom and dad for raising me to be the person that I am today you are truly amazing!! I love you all again and so does our Heavenly Father things do get hard I know but he only lets you go through it because you need him and need to trust him! I love you again!!! 

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