Wednesday, November 19, 2014

 Nov. 18,2014
This week went by so fast in comparison to last week at least I loved it so much it was so amazing and  I loved every second of it this time I know my recordings did work so I will send them to you also I sent you a letter in the mail last week but I'm not sure if I wrote the date so yeah!!! So anyways umm this week was good I feel like every day the same things happen but I know that we are so blessed when we are obedient. I have probably bore my testimony more times this last week than I have ever done in my entire life, but that's okay. I really love the spirit here it is always so strong, and I really love them so much like honestly I can always feel it. My district is awesome. Yesterday I gave a spiritual thought and I kind of cried like the whole entire time it was kinda sad but like the spirit was there so strong and I couldn't deny that the spirit was filling my soul!! I love the work here so much and it is so amazing! The food here is kinda American slash Mexican and that's sorta super weird but today is pizza night and I do like pizza so that is fantastic!! that's so awesome about Caitlyn coming home and Nate's farewell!! and I am sure my little sunbeams did so amazing at the primary program!! I love them I wish that I could of been there but I know the lord needs me here!! Things are so amazing here and i love all my teaches sometimes I just love how i basically get personal tooters here its super awesome!! I love you guys so much like really your amazing!! I love you and hope you enjoy all the cute things!! I love you!!!  ohh I forgot to mention I love you guys!!

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