Wednesday, May 4, 2016

2.5.2016 calama

How do you write your last email as a missionary?? I have no idea never done it before  . . well I love you guys tons but really tons and I love love love being a missionary if I could write it in Spanish I would because I love it!!! 

This experience has not even been close to the easiest of my life but I can tell you one thing I'd never take back this last year and a half from my life because it has really changed who I am!! 
So this week was fantastic it had its ups and its downs but we learn from every situation and I've had a little bit of a cold so I am learning suggestions about how to get over it . . jeje I don't know I think it helps me learn how to be more wise with my money!!(; je je but yeah that's the life right??(: anyways apart from that we could teach and find someone this week who her daughter recently passed away and its hard but awesome that we know where her daughter is and can help her find that hope that she can be with her again its really awesome to be able to help people in that way I love it!(: I love being a missionary its so awesome because we find ways to be able to before in a way that helps the people here I love it so much!(: its awesome also to be able to know how to help these people here I love it!!(: 

So yeah just so you know I LOVE YOU GUYS and I hope really that you have a awesome week!!(: You guys are awesome don't forget it keep up the good work and remember when you pray for missionary experiences you will have them(: 

See ya later

love you guys 
Hermana Birlyn Willden(: 

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